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Residential Comfort Plan

We understand the convenience of uninterrupted comfort in your home. Our Residential Comfort Plan is designed to help you avoid untimely system breakdowns, failure, and costly emergency repairs, year round.
 Sudden breakdowns can be a nightmare. Our program is like having a trusted guardian for your home’s HVAC system. It's not just about routine maintenance; it's about peace of mind and savings. With our expert technicians by your side, you can rest assured, knowing your system is in good hands and your wallet is happy.

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Why Choose Our Residential Comfort Plan?

Preventative Maintenance

Regular check-ups and tune-ups ensure that small issues are fixed before they become costly problems. We'll catch potential problems before they leave you in the cold (or heat!).

Energy Efficiency and Savings

A well-maintained system operates more efficiently, keeping your wallet happy. 

Extended Lifespan

Your air system is a big investment. Our maintenance program can help extend its lifespan, so you get the most out of your system.

Priority Service

As a valued member, you're at the front of the line for any service or repairs. No more waiting when you need us most. 

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on both new HVAC systems and repairs, putting cost-effective solutions at your fingertips.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing that your HVAC system is operating at its best, providing optimal comfort and performance year-round.

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Residential Comfort Plan

Our Residential Comfort Plan provides regular system maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation of your HVAC systems during peak seasons when it’s needed the most.

Residential HVAC Maintenance

We’ll provide you with a complete precision tune-up and professional cleaning for your heating and cooling equipment to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Residential HVAC Repair

In the event that your system breaks down, our HVAC specialists are just a phone call away to get you and your household back up and running.

Residential HVAC Replacement

Ideally, repair is better than replacement; but there are some situations when replacement is more cost-effective than repairing your HVAC.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Viruses, bacteria, mold, and chemicals, such as formaldehyde from new/old carpets, sheetrock, and cleaning sprays, are commonly found in households and businesses. We are an authorized dealer of products that will help improve your air quality and produce cleaner air.

Serving the Southeast since 2007

Indoor Climate Experts has been keeping people cool since 2007 in Pembroke, Richmond Hill, Brooklet, Statesboro, Pooler, Bloomingdale, Savannah, Rincon, Guyton, Springfield, Hinesville, Midway, and the following counties:

  • Bryan County
  • Bulloch County
  • Chatham County
  • Effingham County
  • Liberty County

What Our Customers Say

  • "Both times I’ve had to deal with indoor climate experts it feels like I call my brother over to the house to fix my A/C! They are professional, friendly, honest, and quick. They are super friendly to military, and I would recommend them to anyone. They have definitely gone the extra mile for me and my family and I’ve found a company I’ll keep using for as long as I’m in the area. Couldn’t recommend them enough."

    Andy Ramey
  • "Indoor Climate Experts do an amazing job with all of my HVAC needs. ICE is the only company for me!! They handle both my residential and commercial accounts with the utmost professionalism. Give them an opportunity to earn your business and respect you will not be disappointed!!"

    Don Poythress
  • "Very professional and personable technicians. removal of existing heat pump and installation of the new unit was expertly completed in approx 4 hours with no inconvenience to homeowner. As a previous customer, I remain very satisfied with the service provided by the entire Indoor Climate Experts team."

    Madison Mock
  • "Blake and Joey showed up when expected. They were both courteous and friendly. They took the time to explain what they were going to do and then followed through. They kept me informed so I didn't run into anything unexpected. Blake spent plenty of time to show me how to use my new thermostat online. When they left they left a clean area. I was very pleased and will continue to use Indoor Climate Experts."

    McDonald Fawcett
  • "If you ever have heating or A/C troubles there is definitely only one place to call, and that's Indoor Climate Experts! An honest and trustworthy company is sometimes very hard to find. And that's what I've found with I.C.E, nobody else will ever do my heat and A/C repairs!"

    Tommy Daniels
  • "Very nice, clean, and courteous. Knew what he was doing and educated myself in what needed to be done for it to work properly. Thank you!"

    Violet Cox
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