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The Top AC Blunders To Avoid During The Summer


It’s important to remain cautious about the common mistakes that can lead to higher energy bills & less efficient AC.

Are you still feeling that scorching summer heat? If you live in or near Pooler, Savannah, or Richmond Hill, then you know all too well that it’s still sweltering hot this time of year. Peak temperatures are usually accompanied by soaring electricity bills, but there are things you can do, and things you shouldn’t do, to keep your bills at a minimum.

In this blog, we’re going to navigate you through what NOT to do by addressing some of the common air conditioning mistakes you may be making during the summer. Correcting these mistakes will help you cool down faster, waste less energy, and have a much more modest electricity bill. 


Closed Vents, Open Problems

If you close the vents in rooms you aren’t using, you’re directing the cool air where you need it, right? Wrong. Today’s HVAC systems are built to operate with a certain level of airflow. Closing too many air vents can disrupt the balance, which may lead to an inefficient system.

Tip: Make sure your air vents are open and free of any blockage. By allowing the proper airflow, your AC system can circulate cool air throughout the entire space. This not only helps maintain a steady temperature but also prevents your AC unit from being overworked. 


Neglecting Maintenance

Regular maintenance isn’t just about extending your AC units lifespan (though that’s a bonus); it also means faster, more efficient cooling with minimal energy usage. Failing to keep up with your AC unit’s maintenance schedule can cause a small problem to turn into something much larger…and more expensive.

Tip: It’s better to play it safe now, than end up sorry later. Scheduling regular AC maintenance can help nip problems in the bud, saving you money on repairs and energy bills!


Setting the Thermostat Too Low

When the outside heat is unbearable, it’s so tempting to crank your thermostat way down to turn your place into an icebox. In reality, setting your thermostat excessively low will not cool your indoor space any faster; instead, it actually causes your AC system to go into overdrive and burn through more energy than necessary.

Tip: Set your AC unit to your ideal temperature, be patient, and let it do its thing. Using fans can also cool your home faster. If you wish for your house to be cooled-off when you arrive home, we suggest investing in an ecobee smart thermostat.


Forgetting to Clean between Seasons 

AC systems deal with both hot and cold temperatures, which typically leads to the common issue of condensation, which is totally normal. But skip the cleaning, and you’re inviting condensation to throw a mold and bacteria party. These intruders are not friendly and can cause various issues such as asthma, pneumonia, and even mold invasions. 

Additionally, ensuring a clean air filter is essential to optimize the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Neglecting to maintain a clean filter could lead to an increase in your electricity expenses as accumulated particles impede the airflow, causing the unit to strain harder to circulate the same amount of air.

Tip: Making sure your AC units are cleaned at the beginning of each cooling season, and replacing your air filters once every one to three months, is a must. Don’t allow anything unpleasant to set up camp in your home uninvited.


As the summer heat continues to make its presence felt in Pooler, Savannah, and Richmond Hill, it’s important to remain cautious about the common mistakes that can lead to higher energy bills and less efficient air conditioning. By avoiding these top AC blunders, you can create a more comfortable home and work environment while also keeping your expenses in check. Start implementing these tips and should you need us, we’re only a phone call away! 

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